How To Photograph Your Car’s Damage

Here at A-1 Bumper & Fender Repair, we always try to give you the most accurate estimates possible during your call with us. However, prices can be subject to change once the technician arrives on-site if the damage turns out to be much different than it was described or shown to be. That’s why it’s imperative that you accurately photograph your vehicle’s damage. We recommend taking more than one photo in order to ensure the most accurate estimate possible. Take one photo close-up of the damage in order to provide detail, and take another three to four feet away from the vehicle in order to show us exactly where the issue is located and how big the damaged area is. If your damage didn’t affect the paint and is therefore hard to photograph, take it from an angle rather than head-on in order to better capture the distortion. Taking clear, well-lit photos that offer both accurate details and a broader context will ensure that there are no surprises when your technician shows up for the repairs – for you or for him!

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